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Tandheelkundig Centrum Nootdorp is now accepting new patients.

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+31 (0)15 285 1000

+31 (0)15 285 1000

Tandheelkundig Centrum Nootdorp
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You can make an appointment on Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00 by calling 015 285 1000 . We can also be reached via

We would like to ask you to report changes to your appointment 48 hours in advance.

New patients
Dentist Nootdorp is now accepting new patients, even if you live in Ypenburg or Leidschenveen for example. You can register via our registration page or contact us via the button below.

Our dental practice is located in the center of Nootdorp and is easily accessible by public transport, car and bicycle. Please refer to our practice page for directions.

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  • Thé dentist in the area of Nootdorp
  • Available for emergency treatments
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  • Highest quality service guaranteed
  • Team of expert dentists
  • Dentistry with love, passion and craftsmanship
  • We advise you on healthy teeth

We are happy to welcome you as a new patient!


Dentist in Nootdorp (near The Hague)

We all know it: we must brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes per session. A large group of people adheres to these guidelines. However, we often forget that regular check-ups at the dentist are also part of good oral care. A clean mouth lowers the risk of bothersome diseases and conditions elsewhere in your body.

Both brushing the teeth themselves and the check-ups are therefore very important. With various dental services, the dentist can work with you on healthy teeth. So register now at our dental practice in Nootdorp. At our practice your entire family can make use of a wide range of dental care services.

About our practice

Tandheelkundig Centrum Nootdorp was founded in 2010 by Zohreh Rahiminejad. She has been working as a dentist and implantologist since 1993. Our practice is a modern practice with five treatment rooms that offers a total package of oral care for both children and adults. In addition to regular dental treatments, you can also contact us for prevention and oral hygiene, aesthetic dentistry and implantology. We always use the latest materials and modern techniques.

A team of expert dentists

Our team consists of enthusiastic, qualified and professional employees. All our dentists and employees keep their knowledge up to date through courses and refresher courses. Since we find clear communication very important, all our practitioners are fluent in both Dutch and English.

The best dentist in the area of Nootdorp

In addition to periodic dental checks, it is also possible to have root canal treatments performed and prostheses fitted. Of course, the practice also offers regular dentistry. There is always room for new patients and people in Nootdorp and the surrounding area can easily be reached by public transport, car or bicycle.

Knowledge and expertise will always be kept up to date. The offer is wide: dental treatments, implantology and aesthetic dentistry, prevention and oral hygiene, teeth whitening, orthodontics, facings and fillers. It is very pleasant that all treatments take place at one address.

For regular check-ups and more specialised treatments

If you regularly suffer from cavities, inflamed gums, deposits on your teeth, a bad taste or bad breath, we will forward it to one of our prevention assistants or dental hygienists. Our dental practice in Nootdorp also offers dental hygiene services and mainly focuses on prevention. For example, we will inform you about how to prevent cavities and how to keep your gums healthy.

With advanced gingivitis, the dental hygienist in particular will take over the treatment. In addition, these employees provide general dental cleaning, remove deposits and tartar and can whiten teeth. Fluoride treatment, sealing and maintenance of implants are also part of their services.

Dentistry for children

Our practice also specialises in pediatric dentistry. The advice is to start taking children to periodic check-ups from the age of two. This way they become familiar with the dentist and you teach them from an early age that a timely visit is important for everyone. In children, the most common problem is cavities in the milk teeth. That is why we think it is very important to provide good information and we focus on prevention.

Parents are informed how to prevent cavities. This information consists not only of good brushing instructions but also of nutritional advice. The latter can certainly also have a major impact on the health of a set of teeth.